Getting Started

What is myPharmacyLink?

myPharmacyLink is an application provided by your selected pharmacy. myPharmacyLink was built and is operated by GuildLink Pty Limited (ABN 83 090 249 960), www.guildlink.com.au (owned by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia)

What is the purpose of the App?

The App helps you easily manage medications for you and your family, under the guidance of your trusted pharmacist. You can view your personalised medication information, receive reminders for new scripts and order your medications from your local pharmacy, all at the touch of a button. When your pharmacist conducts any services, you can access test and progress reports. Please refer to The App section which covers ‘How it Works’ & ‘Easy to Use Features.’

Is the content on myPharmacyLink app medical advice?

The content on myPharmacyLink is provided for general information only. It is not medical advice and is not a substitute for the advice of a health care provider. We are not a medical organisation and cannot give you any medical advice or diagnose conditions. You should obtain professional, specialist or medical advice (as applicable) before taking, or refraining from, any action on the basis of the content of myPharmacyLink app.

What will I see when I first log in to myPharmacyLink?

After the walkthrough, you will see the main menu to navigate to your medications list. Active Medications or My Medications are your current medications that have repeats or supply remaining. In your Script History & Services History, you will see up to 10 years of past scripts and services as provided by your pharmacy.

How do I get the app?

You can download myPharmacyLink from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. To activate the app, you will need to ask your pharmacist for an activation code. Refer to ‘Get Started‘ section.

What devices are supported?

iOS – (operating system iOS from version 10) iPhone and iPad

Android – (operating system Kitkat 4.4 and above).

The App is not compatible with Windows phones.

Please check the App / Google Play for the most up-to-date information

How do I register?

Visit your trusted pharmacy supporting myPharmacyLink to register your details and link your medication and pharmacy services information. Your pharmacist will need to confirm your identity, enrol you into the App and generate an activation token for you to activate the App. Visit Getting Started for more information.

Do I have to visit the pharmacy to register for myPharmacyLink?

Yes. The pharmacy needs to confirm your identity to protect your privacy. They will not store the original copies of your identity documents but may keep a note of what identity document you showed to them. Please refer to Privacy Policy & Terms of Use.

What happens if I don’t activate my account straight away?

The activation code is valid for 7 days. If you do not activate within that time, then you will have to go back to your Pharmacy for a new activation code to be issued.

What happens if I lose my activation code?

If you lose your activation code, then you will have to go back to your Pharmacy for a new activation code to be issued. You will not need your activation code if you have already activated myPharmacyLink.

How much will it cost me to sign up?

myPharmacyLink is a FREE App.

How do I make sure that I see all my medications and services history in the App?

myPharmacyLink retrieves your prescription and service history from the pharmacy you registered at. You can only register with one pharmacy at the time. To ensure that all your information is current and up-to-date in one place, you need to go to your pharmacy of choice. If you do visit other pharmacies, your medication and services history will not be displayed.

Do I need an email address to sign up to myPharmacyLink?

Your pharmacist will request an email address to activate your myPharmacyLink account. This is essential as myPharmacyLink needs a unique contact for you to send critical messages, or if you have lost your password. The reset password request will be sent to your nominated email address at the time of registration. You can request to change your email address through your pharmacy.

You can easily create a free email account at Google, Hotmail or Yahoo Mail.

How large is the myPharmacyLink App?

myPharmacyLink download size is approximately 80MB but can vary between devices.

If myPharmacyLink is completely closed on my device (not running in the background) will I still receive notifications?

Yes – if you have enabled notifications in Settings. Sometimes you may need to check your phone ‘Notification’ settings.

ANDROID USERS ONLY: If you are using the ‘Dose Reminders’ feature, you may have issues receiving dose reminder notifications. If you have recently ‘Force Quit’ the myPharmacyLink app, this will disable offline notifications until the application is relaunched or your phone is restarted. This is typically performed through your phone’s Settings but may also be triggered by other vendor utilities (for example, a ‘system optimiser’ that terminates backgrounded applications). You can check to see if the ‘alarm clock’ appears in your status bar to be sure your reminders are set.

Can I access myPharmacyLink account via an internet browser?

This is not currently available. If you would like this feature to be implemented, please let us know by sending your feedback, accessed from ‘About’ in the app main menu.

Messages and Reminders

How and when will I receive script reminders?

Discuss with your pharmacist to ensure the most appropriate reminder settings are tailored to you best reminder settings for your personal medication and pharmacy services needs.

Will I receive messages or notifications from my pharmacy without internet access?

No. Once you are connected back to the internet, you should receive your messages.

You will receive notifications for any dose reminders you have set regardless of internet connectivity.

When will myPharmacyLink remind me to see my doctor?

Discuss with your pharmacist to ensure the most appropriate reminder settings are tailored to you best reminder settings for your personal medication and pharmacy services needs

Can I setup dose reminders?

Yes, there is a ‘Dose Reminders’ feature on the main menu. You can set up dose reminders for the medications you or the people you care for are taking. These can be setup (daily, weekly, monthly, year) to a specific time and can link to the medications.

However, dose reminders are only set to the local device. If you have set this up on your iPhone and then access myPharmacyLink on your iPad, dose reminder notifications will only appear on your iPhone.

Can I set dose reminders for others?

Yes, you can setup dose reminders for people that are linked to your profile. However, this is set locally to your device only. You will be the one who will receive the dose reminders. For example, if Rachel sets a reminder for Ronald on her phone, and Ronald logs in to his myPharmacyLink account, he will not receive dose reminders. You will not receive dose reminders notifications if you are logged out of the app.

Can I delete messages?

Yes, you can delete message threads (there is a trash icon). However, they will reappear if your pharmacist responds to the message thread.

My Pharmacy

Can I register myPharmacyLink with multiple pharmacies?

You can only register to one pharmacy at a time, which ensures continuous care of your health and medication management. 

How do I change my registered pharmacy if I move?

If you choose to move to another Pharmacy, then you will need to re-register with the new pharmacy and re-activate the App using a new token provided.

What if I fill a repeat script at another pharmacy?

myPharmacyLink is only linked to the one pharmacy you have signed up to. As such, if you fill a repeat script at another pharmacy, your current number of repeats for that medication will be inaccurate. Once you revisit your myPharmacyLink pharmacy to fill your script, the number of repeats will be updated.

How do I find the nearest pharmacy supporting myPharmacyLink?

Once you download the app, there is a ‘Find a Pharmacy’ section on the sign up screen. You can search by postcode or suburb to view the list of pharmacies closest to you.

How can I see which services my pharmacy provides?

This will be a future enhancement.

Who do I contact if my question is not answered in these FAQ?

Please send an in-app message to your pharmacy from ‘Messages’ or alternatively you can contact your pharmacy in-store with questions.

My Medications

When and how are prescription medicines added to My Medications screen?

When you fill a script at the pharmacy you are linked with, then your medication and script history will be updated within a few seconds. How quickly you can see the details within the app can be impacted by internet speed.

What happens if the ‘Days supply remaining’ is inaccurate?

You may have had extra supply at home from when your pharmacist set this up. You can easily tap on ‘X days of supply’ and update accordingly within your active medication list.

Note: Not all pharmacies have this featured enabled. 

Can I order new scripts?

Within your medication list, you can indicate ‘Finish Taking’. This will remove the medication from your active medications list and any refill reminders. If there is a script for this medication, it will appear in ‘Script History.’

If you cannot see this button, please speak to your pharmacist. Your pharmacy will be able to deactivate medication reminders for the medication.

Note: Not all pharmacies have this feature enabled for their pharmacy.

Can I still see my medication without internet connection?

All the information can be viewed without internet connection but you will not receive any script reminders or messages until you are connected to the internet again.

Can I order new scripts?

Tap ‘Finish Taking’ within the Medication details screen (at the bottom)

How can obtain more information about my medication?

You can view the Consumer Medicines Information (CMI) document which can be accessed by tapping on ‘Information Sheet’ in your script details view.

Order Medication

Do I need to leave all my scripts with my pharmacy?

To take advantage of the App, it is recommended to leave all your scripts with your pharmacy. Your pharmacists will be able to prepare your medication in advance of your visit, when you order using “Order Medication” feature within the App. 

I don’t want to leave my scripts at the pharmacy. Can I still use myPharmacyLink?

Yes. The majority of myPharmacyLink functions will be available. However, the “Order Medication” will not be available, as your pharmacist needs your paper script to prepare the medication.

Can I order new scripts?

For new scripts, you can use the Snap and Send feature and send a photo of your new script before you present in pharmacy. Simply go to the ‘Order Medications’ screen and tap the camera icon (bottom left) to take a photo or upload an existing photo of your new script.

Note if it is not the original script, your pharmacy may contact you to retake the picture of original if they do not have it on file.

Please note ‘Snap and Send’ feature is not enabled for all pharmacies.

Can I order non-prescription medication, such as vitamins in myPharmacyLink?

Not yet. However, you can send an in-app message to your pharmacist or request within other script orders.

For regular non-prescription medications or vitamins, you can ask your pharmacist to add them to your medication profile. This will then appear in your Active Medication list to reorder when you are running low on supply.

Can I order NDSS products?

Not yet. We are currently in discussions with NDSS to provide this service to you.

I collect medication for someone else, can their script details and reminders come up on myPharmacyLink account?

myPharmacyLink allows you to manage medications for others. Simply present in pharmacy to verify your identify and entitlement to access their information. If they already have myPharmacyLink, you can request they share through ‘Manage Permissions’ on the app main menu.

You can only order medications for people who are linked to your pharmacy.

Can I order medications on behalf of others?

Yes, if they are registered as a dependant or they share their information with you. Dependants are added at the pharmacy. Other myPharmacyLink users from the same pharmacy can share their information with you. They can do this from ‘Manage Permissions’ and tab on ‘Share data with another user’ at the bottom of the page.

You will be notified of any changes to your account in ‘Messages’.

My Permissions

What consent is required to use myPharmacyLink on another person’s behalf?

If you want to manage medications on behalf of another person, such as your parent, spouse, sibling or child, you must give the pharmacist that person’s details and show the pharmacist that you either have that person’s consent or the authority to act on their behalf.

What is the process for revoking permissions?

If you have consented to your records being accessible by either a parent/carer or another responsible person, you may revoke this consent by attending your selected pharmacy and advising them that you have now revoked consent for either the parent/carer or another responsible person to have access to your records via the myPharmacyLink. Your revocation of consent will result in their access to your records being cancelled.

Are there minimum age requirements to use myPharmacyLink?

If you are under 16 years of age, you will need to be added as a dependant to a parent/guardian’s profile by the pharmacist.

I manage my child’s medication via myPharmacyLink. What happens when they turn 16?

You will be notified 21 days before your child turns 16 years of age within the app that you will soon no longer have access to your child’s account. On the day your child turns 16, you will receive a notification that your child’s account has been removed.

Your child can now go to the pharmacy to register to myPharmacyLink. If you need to continue to manage their medication, you will need to visit the pharmacy to re-add them as a dependant.

Privacy and Security

How secure are my prescription medicine details?

All data held on the phone is password protected and encrypted. All data passing between the phone and the cloud servers are encrypted using TLS (the same mechanism used to protect shopping site etc.) Your data is stored in a secure cloud-based facility with multiple redundancy and multiple security layers covering all aspects of the solution.

myPharmacyLink meets all relevant Australian standards for the security and privacy of health and medical information.

I forgot my PIN, login or password, how do I retrieve it?

You can follow the prompts such as ‘Forgot Password’ to request that these be reset within the App.

Can someone else login to my myPharmacyLink account using my activation code?

No. myPharmacyLink activation codes can only be used once. Once your account is activated, the token is discarded by the system. Your username (email) and password login credentials are required to access myPharmacyLink.

Can I use my activation token to setup myPharmacyLink on multiple devices?

No. Activate your account on your first device, then use your username (email) and password to login into additional devices. You can login to myPharmacyLink on different devices simultaneously.

What personal information is shown on myPharmacyLink?

myPharmacyLink only shows you information about you that your myPharmacyLink selected pharmacy holds about you. Prescription information or pharmacy services information about you held by non-selected pharmacies will not appear in your myPharmacyLink account. Please refer to Privacy Policy & Terms of Use.

How does myPharmacyLink collect information about you?

Pharmacies collect prescription and pharmacy service information (such as results from blood pressure testing) from you when you give them a prescription to fill, or you ask them to provide a professional service to you. Pharmacies store this information in GuildLink’s database (developer) and myPharmacyLink enables you to see this information. Please refer to Privacy Policy & Terms of Use for more information.

How do we use your personal information?

myPharmacyLink and GuildLink use your prescription and professional services information for the purpose of providing you with the myPharmacyLink services outlined above.

Please refer to Privacy Policy & Terms of Use for more information.

What won’t we do with your personal information (including disclosures)?

We will NOT:

  • store or send any of your prescription information overseas;
  • disclose specific prescription or professional services information about you to third parties unless you give express consent;
  • collect information about you other than the prescription and professional services related information we already hold unless it is directly related to myPharmacyLink and you would reasonably expect it or we have your specific consent;
  • collect information about your location through myPharmacyLink; or
  • use your prescription or professional service information to offer you new products or services unless you give your express consent.

Please refer to Privacy Policy & Terms of Use.

How do I cancel my registration?

Visit your pharmacy to advise them that you wish to discontinue using the App. Your pharmacy may provide alternative script reminder solutions such as SMS, automated voice calls or emails to ensure there is no disruption to your medication management.

I manage my child’s medication via myPharmacyLink. What happens when they turn 16?

You own your own personal prescription data and account in myPharmacyLink.

Your prescription information is stored on secure cloud web servers located in high security Australian data centres.

GuildLink will not access your identifiable data. De-identified and aggregated data may be used for analytical purposes, as detailed in our Privacy Policy. This data does not contain any of your personal information so it cannot be associated with your identity, and is compiled with other de-identified data from other users. This de-identified data is not sold commercially to third parties.

What happens if I logout?

If you logout, you will no longer receive any push notification reminders including dose reminders on your device. Leave your account logged in to ensure you receive important notifications and messages. We recommend that you set a PIN to ensure your information is protected.